Knowing the person. Honoring preferences. Improving quality of life.

Welcome to Preference Based Living!

People who receive long-term services and supports often experience better health and wellbeing when their preferences are understood and honored. Their quality of life is enhanced by greater connection, autonomy, dignity and satisfaction.

These core insights and compassionate values spurred a more responsive, personalized approach - known as preference-based living - to care for adults who receive long-term services and supports. Knowing and honoring each person’s everyday preferences helps individuals who receive care maintain authorship of their own lives. 

This site provides practitioners and researchers, individuals and their families, with tools and research findings regarding ways to:

  • Learn about individual preferences
  • Design and implement care aligned with individual preferences
  • Measure quality of preference-based care in diverse settings.


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  • Integrating Preferences Into Care Planning
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  • Working with Proxies
  • PELI FAQs.

View Webinar: PELI - Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity (presented Nov 1, 2017)

This webinar presents a version of the PELI with preference items for residents who may identify as members of the LGBTQ community. View webinar here.

View Our Webinar Library: Integrating Preferences Into Care Planning, September 28, 2017

The webinar focuses on the value of customized, preference-based care plans. Presenters explore how functional barriers can affect preference fulfillment as well as how these barriers can be overcome. The presentation also covers integrating person-centered language into care planning, and highlights ways preference-based care can reduce distress for people receiving long-term services and support. View the webinar: